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Citizens Against the Pellissippi Parkway Extension, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proposed route of the Pellissippi Parkway Extension?

The proposed route of the highway is from Old Knoxville Highway (SR 33) to East Lamar Alexander Parkway (US 321). It will bisect Pellissippi Place, have an interchange at Sevierville Road, and cross rural land and waterways in the lower Little River valley. (See Map of proposed Pellissippi Parkway Extension Southern Loop Map for entire southern loop.)

Why do so many residents oppose the construction of this highway?

TDOT’s own analysis shows the proposed highway will not address our existing transportation problems. Instead, it will accelerate development, increase costs for schools and other public services, take farmland out of production, create surface run-off, and bring air and noise pollution. Traffic from the highway will place additional pressure on unsafe secondary roads. This project contradicts what residents have said they want for the future: to preserve the rural character of the county.

Is this highway needed?

NO! US 321 and US 129 both provide four-lane access to the mountains. Recent traffic counts do not justify the cost of a new interstate highway in eastern Blount County. The PPE has not been funded. Tennessee’s limited transportation funds should be used where they will address real needs.

What about the Southern Loop?

The Southern Loop (also referred to as the Southern Loop Connector), a beltway around Maryville and Alcoa, is in the official regional transportation plan. The PPE is the first section of the “beltway.” The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the PPE assumed that both the Southern Loop and the Alcoa Highway Bypass would be built.

Can we really stop the PPE?

Yes! TDOT’s 2010 DEIS showed that spending up to $100 million on 4.4 miles of the PPE will not reduce traffic congestion. Their own research showed that many of our existing roads will have failing levels of service even if the PPE, Alcoa Highway Bypass, and Southern Loop are all built! Tell your local and state elected officials that we expect them to use our limited tax dollars to fix our existing roads, not on a costly new highway that will create more problems. Here is your elected officials contact information.

What is the alternative?

SR 33 (East Broadway) and US 411 are dangerous, substandard roads that need shoulders and turn lanes. We need to spend our scarce road funds responsibly to improve our existing road system.